Sunday, August 27, 2006

I just thouyght this name up because I was thinking of a game called madgab. the idea of the board game, if thats what you can call it, what to say the phrasses on the cards as fast as you possiblle can. when you say them fast enough, you end up sluring them and saying the real expressions. like, the expressions that you read make no sense when read slwoly, but when you try to say them very fast, they sound like different things all together. in the case of , which i must say it kidn of shady because adult content should require that the persons/actors/actresses are 18. it kind of appeals to the ped people. not that thinking a 17 is hot, but the fact that you want as low as possible. 18 is exactly the same, but legal. i guess the arguement could go either way. anyway, im watching grays anatomy for the first time right now. not actually watching it as much as typing this. this scene was kind of funny. the music is kind of qwirky. err quirky. anyway, i always thought this was a drama. there is an awsome song by the fray called how to save a life. it is used in a commercial for grays anatomy. I hear a lot of awsome music in commercials, soundtracks to movies, etc. anyway, gotta go. peace